How to use online and offline marketing to benefit your business

In today’s busy environment, businesses can become too heavily focused on the online marketing strategy and forget about their offline presence. Both forms of advertising are imperative, and the best way to achieve success is by integrating them. To find out more, read on to discover some of the most effective ways you can combine both your online and offline marketing efforts.

To be continued – One effective way to link both campaigns is to create a “to be continued” story. Start the story offline, and the continue it online. For example, you can write a printed article and then include an online CTA (Call to Action) at the bottom. This encourages brand endorsement and user-generated content – What we all love in today’s digital age is a selfie, and this is something you can use to your benefit. You should engage with your audience, either directly in-store or via social media, and invite them to take selfies with your product. This encourages them to share on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and it can become a valuable marketing tool for your business. You essentially benefit from free advertising. It is a good idea to ask your audience to include a specific hashtag with the upload so that you can easily track the success of this approach.
Your shop window – One of the best ways to incorporate your online and offline marketing efforts is by including a QR code in your window display. This enables users to scan the code using their smartphone and they will be directed to your company’s app or website. This is a great way to connect both strategies. Needless to say, your storefront is one of the most powerful marketing platforms you have available to you, so make sure you maximise it. Quality shop front signs are a necessity, and you can not only use these to advertise any offers you have running in-store, but also any online offers and your social media accounts.
Drive offline campaigns by using online engagement results – The fourth and final tip to follow when it comes to combining your business’ online and offline campaigns is to use online engagement results to your benefit when creating an offline campaign. For example, the next time you start an offline campaign you should utilise your most popular photograph on social media because you already know this is something your users like and connect with. It also ensures you provide a cohesive brand experience, which is imperative today.
As you can see, there are a number of different approaches that you can use to combine your offline and online marketing efforts to guarantee maximum success. Follow the steps that have been provided and you should notice a considerable improvement in the overall effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Author Mark Linton

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