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Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Intuitive Marketing Agency is one of the most trusted SEO services the UK has to offer. .

How do you drive visitors to your website with our services?

Here at Intuitive Marketing Agency SEO Company, we operate from time-trusted search engine optimisation methods that are proven to generate an increase in traffic to a website website.

We have been working with clients all over the UK and have provided SEO services to clients of all sizes producing successful online changes for companies that had not seen growth using other SEO agencies.

Our team of industry experts in SEO will effectively target your business to the optimum market ensuring you get the most out of the online side our business.


We deliver traffic that Converts!

There is no point in increasing the traffic to a website if the traffic is not going to generate conversions. Using our in-house developed SEO analysis tools we identify keywords that will provide you with the correct visitors.

We carry out all the necessary steps in our work to ensure that your marketing efforts pay off. This is what we do every day, we specialise in online marketing solutions. Our clients come to us from either a clean start or a problematic past and we are able to deliver results in nearly all situations.

Many clients do not understand all the technical jargon when it comes to online optimisation, you do not need to as an SEO Company this is our job and we will take you through each step explaining why and how educating you along the way.

We only work to ethical techniques, keyword content generation, website optimisation and back-linking.


Month one is research and understanding the goals. Generating a plan to your online success.


Months 2 and 3 are making the change required to achieve the goals. Adding content and fixing website issues.


Months 4 to 6 building content and power with a ROI due to the targeted traffic increase. 


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