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Starting a Business on a Budget

Starting a business doesn’t have to be an expensive process. Here are several ways that you can make your startup dreams a reality no matter how small your budget is. Start small, expand later It’s important to start small if you’re on a budget. You may have dreams of owning physical premises with lots of…

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Why Facebook is not good enough..

I have a Facebook business page so I don’t need to have a website, right? Wrong. Businesses need to wake up to having a website. If you are thinking a facebook page is all I need to promote my business, then think again. Yes, Facebook has 1.32 billion people check their account once a month…

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What effects will GDPR have on your businesss

The World is Nigh, or at least that’s what the gloomers who jump on the GDPR wagon would have us believe… So what is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a series of principles designed to strengthen the protection of data for EU citizens and residents. Having been ratified in April 2016 it…

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